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Designed for working professional engineers in the Greater Seattle Area—one of the nation’s fastest growing technology and engineering hubs—Seattle University’s Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) provides you with a cutting-edge, flexible and practical learning program to further your professional career.

Through a diverse curriculum of 30 mechanical engineering course credits and 15 course credits from the Albers School of Business and Economics, our MSME program will fully prepare you with the advanced knowledge base you need to set yourself apart as you advance in your career. The goal of the MSME program is to support you to meet the needs of our region’s most successful companies.  We developed the program in close collaboration with our Advisory Board of industry professionals from Amazon, Boeing, Kenworth, K2 Sports, Microsoft, FSi Consulting Engineers, Seattle City Light and Uptake Technologies to identify the skill sets they require in their leadership positions. That’s why our MSME curriculum offers a range of advanced mechanical engineering courses combined with a strong background in business and communication through courses taught by our world-renowned Albers School of Business & Economics. 

Join us to further your skills through our dynamic and applied program and take that next important step in becoming a future leader in your industry.


My own experience at Seattle U provided a foundation from which I've been able to wear many hats and pursue a broad range of roles and experiences in my career. The most valuable aspect was the one-on-one time with world-class professors, who through knowing me well were able to help guide and shape my path. I'd highly recommend the program to fellow engineers looking to broaden their skills.

Alex Byrne Senior Innovation Manager at Uptake Technologies, Inc.

A Degree for the Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow


Our MSME program features small class sizes in a flexible and focused 45-credit degree program comprising a broad curriculum of 15 courses. Designed for the working professional, evening classes allow you to study while maintaining your career at the same time. Students select the pace at which they complete the program–with eight-quarter students completing the program in two to three years and four-quarter students finishing as quickly as sixteen months.  Our courses do not require prerequisites, meaning that you have the flexibility to enroll in any quarter and choose your plan of study to suit your own schedule. 


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Headshot of Dr. Joshua Hamel
Dr. Joshua Hamel

MSME Program Director

Ranked #139, National Universities

– U.S. News & World Report, 2020 Rankings

Ranked #113 in the US

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings 2020