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Seattle University’s Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering provides you a strong foundation in areas of mathematics, basic sciences, engineering theory and practice as well as the humanities and social sciences. The skills you learn in the classroom are enhanced in our well-equipped instructional laboratories and machine shop. Unlike other institutions, we provide a low student-to-faculty ratio that allows you to work closely with your professors. We offer direct admission to our BSME program. Our Industry Advisory Board of experts from the region helped to shape our rigorous curriculum so that you can be prepared for employment or the challenge of graduate studies.

Located in one of the nation’s fastest growing technology and engineering hubs, you will be encouraged to explore educational opportunities by participating in undergraduate research—on campus or at other institutions, industry internships, study abroad and various engineering club activities. And, your educational experience is enhanced by a year-long capstone senior design project sponsored by companies and organizations in which your small group will work together to address an engineering task with real-world issues and concerns.

BSME 2018

Emma Ayubi

I think the most helpful thing for me was having a good relationship with my professors which made me feel comfortable coming to their office hours. I got a few job offers from the SU career fair and after I accepted the job I spoke with my employer. He told me the reason they hired me was because they liked that I stayed and asked so many questions. Most students with a BSME are capable of doing the job but they’re looking for people that work well with others.

BSME 2018 Design Engineer, Bellevue Mechanical
BSME 2008

Will Gibbs

I believe that improving the visibility and interactions across the study-to-practice gap will better prepare students for building fulfilling, impactful careers in industry, and will support faculty in their efforts to train new engineers from cohort to cohort in the context of an ever-evolving professional world.

BSME 2008 Industry Advisor, Seattle University

Take on more responsibilities than you think you should. You may fail at some of them, but it will help you find what you love to do.

Robert Moore BSME Senior Class of 2019

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Dr. Teodora Rutar Shuman

Dr. Teodora Shuman

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Natasha Malyuk

Natasha Malyuk

Senior Administrative Assistant