Canvas Templates

CDLI has developed several different Canvas course templates for Seattle U faculty to use to get up and running in Canvas quickly, including:

  • Once a Week Template (or for flipped classes)
  • Tuesday-Thursday Template (or for courses that meet twice a week)
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday Template (or for courses that meet three times a week)
  • Asynchronous Template (for fully online courses that never meet synchronously)
  • Law School Template (for Law courses that meet once a week on a 16 week semester)
  • Tuesday-Thursday Law School Template (for 16 week Law courses that meet twice a week)

Our Canvas course templates can be modified and used regardless of whether your course meets face-to-face or online.

In addition, CDLI has a PDF guide which will help faculty learn how to use and modify any of the CDLI Canvas course templates.

Preview and Download any of CDLI's Canvas Course Templates here

If you have students with accommodation requests, contact Disability Services to ensure your online course, content and assignments are accessible and address students' needs.