Online Course Development and Review

Interested in developing an online class? Here’s how. 

The best way to build an online course is in conjunction with CDLI through the Course Design Program where you will partner with a CDLI Instructional Designer, whose job it is to help you develop an online course that meets the Seattle University standards for online courses. 

While development through the Course Design program is recommended, it is not required. If you are not working with a CDLI Instructional Designer, please notify CDLI at least 60 days in advance of your course start date. At that time, we will ensure that your course development is on schedule and provide information about the Course Review process and standards. Part of this check-in will be to review all graded assignments and one full module. Those items should be done, and available in Canvas, at least 60 days before the course begins. 

Course Review

Per University policy, CDLI reviews all new, and substantially revised, online courses before they are taught to ensure that the university maintains legal and accreditation standards related to online courses and programs, as well as the best practices in digital delivery. The criteria used to review online courses can be found on the Course Review Standards.

An online course is defined as follows: 

All course activity is done online. There are no required face-to-face sessions within the course and no requirements for on-campus activity. Most online course activity and coursework are completed asynchronously (no requirement to be online at the same time), although there may be occasional synchronous meetings but they do not necessitate that students be on campus. Online courses cannot be self-paced, independent study courses and should instead provide rich learning experiences with a high number of instructor-student and student-student interactions.

How Course Review Works

Courses must be submitted for review at least 30 days before the term begins. To submit a course for review, fill out the  Online Course Checklist and email it to your instructional designer or Courses need to be completed* before they are reviewed. Your instructional designer will present your course to one or more instructional designers  - and in some cases someone from your department. The reviewers typically identify some minor revisions that need to be made before the course goes live. If there are significant revisions that need to be made, the reviewers will ask to check the course again before the course begins. 

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* A completed course is one in which all of the materials for the course are included (i.e., all of the instructional videos are done and captioned, links are working, copyrighted materials are available via library links or a digital course pack, discussions and assignments are ready and content pages have been written and proofed).