Teaching Online

Good teaching is good teaching, whether it happens in courses that are face-to-face, web-facilitated, hybrid or fully online. If you watch the video on our course design page, you will see that the faculty who have gone through our program share this perspective. The difference in teaching online is that digital components require careful planning, and fully-online courses take considerable time to produce the kind of student learning experience we expect at Seattle University. You can see some of the courses faculty have designed in our Gallery of Courses. Below are some ways we offer to explore teaching online.

Course Design Program

If you plan to design a fully online or hybrid course, we encourage you to join this community of practice that meets once a week for one quarter, and then follows up with peer review sessions.

Course Review Process

If you plan to develop a fully online course, please note that all fully online courses need to be reviewed 30 days before the start date.

Lab Activities

If you would just like to learn a little more about teaching online, we have a variety of workshops and activities that happen in our lab every day. See our Calendar, or our list of Express Workshops. We hope to see you here.

Online Course Facilitation

If you are an instructor who has been hired to teach an online class that has already been developed and reviewed, we recommend that you enroll in our online Course Facilitation course. You will need to request to be enrolled using the link on the Course Facilitation page.


If your program is considering using ePortfolios for program assessment we would love to collaborate with you.


We administer and support Canvas, the university’s learning management system. All SU faculty, students and staff have a Canvas account. Instructors can use Canvas to build and maintain collaborative learning spaces. The automated interface with the Registrar's office ensures that all courses and enrollments are loaded into Canvas prior to each term and are kept up-to-date. 

SU Student Orientation to Online Learning

Send your students through this online tutorial and prepare them to succeed with online learning. The tutorial provides interactive exercises to help students learn:

  1. Six characteristics of a successful online learner
  2. SU Academic Integrity policies
  3. How to use Canvas

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PHOTO AT TOP: Lyn Gualtieri paddleboarding on Lake Agnes with her son on Lake Agnes, Banff National Park. Lyn continued to teach her online summer Natural Hazards course throughout the family camping trip.