Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the core of their undergraduate studies, Matteo Ricci Institute students are able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Practice humanistic inquiry in matters of structural injustice and perennial human concern.
  • Utilize reflection consistent with Jesuit Catholic traditions in decision making.
  • Explain the impacts that social factors such as power or privilege have on their life circumstances and on those of others.
  • Contrast different conceptions of peace and justice.
  • Articulate ideas clearly and persuasively in context-appropriate speech and writing.

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Upon completing their degree, Humanities graduates are able to:

  • Form connections between disparate courses and subject areas.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of Humanities concepts to contemporary issues and lived experience.

Upon completing their degree, Humanities for Teaching graduates are able to:

  • Analyze the social factors—with a focus on class, race, or other salient identities—that impact schools, children, and their families.
  • Create and execute lesson plans or other educational experiences grounded in effective pedagogy in diverse learning environments.