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The purpose of the Humanities degrees offered by Matteo Ricci Institute is to form more humane persons and to promote justice in our shared world. The coursework and experiences develop students who are alert to their own cultural presuppositions, capable of self-expression, and involved in meaningful work. A related objective is to keep alive the student-centered pedagogy of the best of Jesuit education through lively discussion in small classes, a curriculum centered on challenging questions, and close attention to individual students. The purpose of such an investigation is, above all else, to foster a life worth living through a deeper sense of one’s own person and connection with our global community.

Matteo Ricci Institute offers a cohort model in which students have the opportunity of forming lasting bonds with their peers throughout the duration of their education. Due to our small class sizes, averaging 25 students, professors are able to engage with students on a deeper level.

At Matteo Ricci Institute, our programs lend themselves to creating a foundation for further learning. Add another degree, major, minor, and study abroad! Check out our programs to start creating your blueprint.


This program offers you the ability to earn a graduate degree in three years or two degrees in a total of four years. 

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Humanities for Teaching

Gain classroom experience and hone your teaching skills throughout your education. You can also specialize in elementary education, preparing to apply for a Washington State K-8 teaching certificate.

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Minor, Humanities

Stand out in the crowd with a boost to your major and experience small, creative classes. Complement your hard skills with complex thinking.

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How to Apply

At Seattle University, students may apply directly to their major of choice at the time of admission. Incoming first year students are encouraged to select their Matteo Ricci program at that time. Additionally, freshman or sophomore students may transfer into the program.

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