Student-Centered Jesuit Education

Matteo Ricci Institute is a close-knit, vibrant community committed to academic excellence and to making every student as successful as possible. Our small classes ensure collaboration between students and professors and deepen students' understanding of their studies. Each of the three degrees is built on the humanities curriculum, a solid foundation for future studies that is rooted in 450 years of Jesuit tradition.

Choose from three degrees: BA, Humanities; and BA, Humanities in Teaching. We also offer a Minor in Humanities.

Built on the Strength of Jesuit Principles

Like St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, we believe that a holistic education relies on personal attention and deep care. Fr. Ricci, S.J., the namesake of the College, was a 16th century Italian scholar in China who worked closely with the local people, learning from the Chinese while simultaneously sharing European ideas.

Educating the Whole Person

Drawing from the Jesuit tradition, faculty and staff in Matteo Ricci Institute work to make each student as successful as possible. While education is about what you know, it is also about who you are, and Matteo Ricci faculty strive to help students grow in both realms. 

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