Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts: Major / Minor

Program Summary


In order to receive full credit for courses in a language they must be taken in the numerical sequence (1150 through 2350) . A previous course cannot be repeated to improve a grade once a higher course in the sequence is in progress or has been completed. Please review degree requirements and course descriptions in the campus catalog here.

*All students must take at least 20 credits at Seattle University in order to obtain a minor.

French Beyond SU

Double Major Degree

Combine French with another major to strengthen your academic profile.

Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF)

After graduating from SU, French Majors can choose to spend an additional year in France working as an English Teaching Assistant at a French school. 

Fulbright Grant

The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship offers many SU graduates the opportunity to live and work in a French or Francophone country for one year.

Future Careers

SU graduates with a French major may find volunteer and career opportunities in many different areas, including Peace Corps, NGOs, non-profit organizations, the US foreign-service, global businesses and many others. You could find yourself working in Europe, Africa, or the Caribbean!

Career Readiness/Skills Inventory

Being “career-ready” means that you’ve developed a range of skills that you can transfer to different settings once you graduate. At Seattle U, we take your career readiness seriously, so we’ve created an inventory and program-level map for you to help you see what skills you’re likely to practice in your major or, as in this case, as you study your first year of a language.

Learn more and find your program map here.

Formal application through the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures is required

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