Careers for graduates in Modern Languages and Cultures

All of our courses aim at expanding the range of our students’ intellect and their cultural competency while fostering an environment of inclusive academic excellence and preparing them for their career goals. Typically, our students combine a Major in French or Spanish, or a Minor in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese or Spanish with a Bachelor of Arts in another field.

Career opportunities involving modern languages are ever expanding. Openings exist in the following areas:

  • engineering
  • foreign trade
  • foreign service
  • international business
  • media
  • translation and interpretation
  • international law
  • nonprofit organizations
  • librarianship
  • military
  • social work
  • immigration law
  • psychology
  • teaching
  • tourism industry

Additionally, mastery of a modern language is a requirement for many graduate programs across various disciplines.

Being “career-ready” means that you’ve developed a range of skills that you can transfer to different settings once you graduate.

At Seattle U, we take your career readiness seriously, so we’ve created an inventory and program-level map for you to help you see what skills you’re likely to practice in your major or, as in this case, as you study your first year of a language.

The Career Readiness Map or Skills Inventory is a tool that was developed by Holly Slay Ferraro and David A. Green, Associate Director and Director of the Center for Faculty Development. After extensive research they designed this instrument to help students see the range of skills they will acquire and develop over the course of their studies. In the Modern Languages and Cultures Department, your faculty went through the process of rating this skills’ inventory so that you can appreciate, at the end of the 1350 level in your chosen language, all your growth over the course of just the first year.

All of the language in terms of how the tool works and the definitions used, were kindly provided by Professors Ferraro and Green.

Modern Languages Career Readiness Maps

Your career readiness skills and what they all mean

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