We are a diverse group of faculty that come from China, Ecuador, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Senegal, Spain, The United States, Ukraine and Venezuela, and we would like to invite you to come and explore the world with us!

The Modern Languages and Cultures Department is committed to educating the whole person. Our mission is to create future professionals concerned with social justice and equip them with adequate skills for its practice domestically and abroad.

Our programs in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish provide students with:

  • Language proficiency and essential skills to establish meaningful personal and intellectual connections with a global community.
  • Knowledge, tools, and experiences to broaden their view of the world. 
  • Ability to be inclusive, treat others with dignity and make a difference by learning to communicate with and appreciate other cultures, and
  • Intercultural cooperation proficiencies.

Our curricula are the gateway to cultivating citizens of the world. We seek to educate multicultural, responsible leaders, who are engaged with empowering traditionally-marginalized communities and pursuing the common good of diverse peoples.

Learning about other cultures and civilizations through their language leads to a better understanding of one's self and the world in which we live. This process has a profound impact on its learners as:

  • It challenges students to articulate their thoughts and convey meaning in another language.
  • They start to reflect on their position in society, and that of others, which allows them to respectfully engage their community locally and globally.
  • They develop the ability to put themselves in the shoes of people that come from different backgrounds, thus becoming empathic and compassionate. Students are able to understand the experiences of people from other countries that live in the United States who may have difficulties navigating the English language.
  • It allows students to travel the world and embrace it with confidence and joy!

Featured Student Spotlight

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Photo of Laura Hauck-Vixie.

I graduated from Seattle U with majors in Spanish and Sociology in 2003 and am filled with deep gratitude for the experiences and opportunities afforded to me during my undergraduate years. I entered college as a first generation student with limited financial resources and a small worldview. My passion for learning Spanish began in middle school and grew exponentially during my time in college. I can honestly say that studying abroad with the Latin American Studies Program (LASP) in Puebla Mexico changed me for the better forever. And I’m so grateful for how easy it was to double major and make study abroad a reality! The LASP program ignited a spark and curiosity to explore the world and learn from different perspectives.

Laura Hauck-Vixie BA, Spanish and Sociology 2003

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