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French in France and Africa

Prepare for a life-changing experience abroad. The program allows you to earn your French minor and work towards your French major in three separate Francophone countries. Your studies will begin at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, during winter quarter. They will continue for part of the spring quarter at the University of Fez in Morocco. Spring quarter will be concluded in Senegal, where you will complete the program at the Gaston-Berger University in St. Louis.

Fall Quarter at SU

In Fall Quarter, all French in France and Africa participants will enroll in FREN 2910. This intensive language and culture course will continue to build on the students’ French language proficiency while providing both a cultural and practical orientation in preparation for living in France, Morocco and Senegal.

Winter Quarter in Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg or Luxembourg GardensIn Winter Quarter, students will live with host families and take intensive courses on French culture, history, and language from SU professors as well as faculty at the Sorbonne in Paris. 

Paris, France

Best known as the City of Light, Paris is considered in many ways the cultural heart of the Francophone world. Its remarkable diversity and rich history make it a truly unique world capital.

Two people cooking food in MoroccoSpring Quarter in Morocco

In Spring Quarter students will continue their French language studies for 4 weeks in Morocco. In Morocco, students will take courses on contemporary Moroccan culture and society from SU professors as well as faculty at the University of Fez. They will also meet with Moroccan artists, writers, and cultural figures.

Fez, Morocco

Students enjoy a meal in MoroccoThe Ancient City of Fez holds both intellectual and deeply spiritual significance to not only Moroccans, but the whole of the Muslim world. Listed among UNESCO world heritage sites, it is known as one of the best preserved traditional medinas in the world.

Spring Quarter in Senegal

Students in SenegalFor the remainder of the Spring Quarter, students will then spend 6 weeks in Senegal. In Senegal, students will explore the capital city of Dakar for two weeks, before continuing to their studies at the Université Gaston-Berger in St. Louis. There, they will study Senegalese history, politics, literature and religion.

St. Louis, Senegal

Students in SenegalThe former colonial capital of French West Africa, St. Louis today is a vibrant island city and seaport near the mouth of the Senegal River. With its music festivals, art exhibits, and architecture, Saint-Louis combines natural beauty and a dynamic cultural life. Like Fez, St. Louis is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.


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