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Communications and Media LinkedIn: Connect with alumni and others to share professional experiences and opportunities.

Handshake: Register with the Seattle University account. There is also an app available.

Redhawk Landing: This mentoring and networking platform opens doors for students and alumni alike, connecting them to a powerful online resource where Seattle University's community members can build purposeful connections and mentoring.


Below you can find a list of organizations and companies that regularly offer internships within the Seattle-area and beyond so that you can begin to explore what kinds of opportunities are out there. This list is nowhere near exhaustive and is not a job listings page – instead, it is intended to help you visual the kinds of places you might want to intern or work and begin the application planning process. Each organization has a different hiring cycle, so you’ll need to be proactive about your research. Organizations with asterisks (*) next to them are ones where SU CMME students have interned.

Beyond Seattle

Some students may want to find internships over the summer in another city, state or country – so long as they meet the requirements, this is a great option. Students in the past have worked for local politicians, at local publications, and more.

Students may also be interested in exploring national or international internships through the following opportunities:

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