SU ADVANCE Faculty Formation & Mentoring

Because the overall goal of SU ADVANCE is institutional, cultural, and structural transformation that aligns our expectations and promotion standards with our educational mission, we are focused on both procedural and cultural change within Seattle University.

 These changes involve:

  • Alignment of our educational mission with the recognition systems that are used to evaluate faculty.
  • A reimagined professoriate in which a diversity of contributions are valued, welcomed, and celebrated for what they are—necessary for the success, satisfaction, and sustainability of the university.
  • A restructuring of our guidelines for promotion to full professor.
  • Holistic faculty formation, training, and mentoring.

Cultural change is arguably the most difficult component of institution transformation because it involves upending core beliefs within the academy itself. A reimagined professoriate challenges the ways in which faculty think about themselves, their work, and their expertise.

One way that SU ADVANCE is systematically pursuing cultural change at Seattle University is through offering holistic faculty formation and mentoring opportunities, as well as through the systematic training of faculty mentors. Many of the former types of opportunities are being done in collaboration with existing entities, especially the always-excellent Center for Faculty Development.

Currently, however, there is little formal leadership training in place for deans, associate deans, departmental chairs, and program directors at the university. Pilot training sessions hosted by SU ADVANCE began in early 2021 and are continuing through the current academic year. Indeed, training is the programmatic focus of our sixth-year, no-cost extension (August 2021-July 2022).

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I am so happy to see that this program is not doing a thing to fix women! Instead, it is focusing on structural change.

-A Member of our 3rd Year NSF Review Team at the end of their October 2019 visit

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