Program Updates & Activities

  1. COVID-19 Faculty Reflections. SU ADVANCE is currently undertaking an “urgent response” exploration of the ways in which faculty are managing their lives during COVID-19. Our aim is to chart faculty experiences with the intent of providing a solid empirically-based foundation on which to make decisions as the university enters into its post COVID-19 chapter. All faculty are eligible to participate. Please email the SU ADVANCE Research & Program Coordinator, Sarah Trainer, at for information.
  2. Proposed Revised Guidelines for Promotion to Full Professor Feedback Survey. For the past four years, SU Advance has been conducting research and faculty outreach with the aim of bringing SU promotion guidelines more directly into alignment with the SU mission. We presented the draft of the proposed revised guidelines to the AcA in March 2020. Over the course of Spring Quarter 2020, we then received input on the guidelines from SU tenured and tenure-track faculty, via a Qualtrics survey. An announcement email and link to the survey went out from Academic Affairs in late May and the survey remained open until late June.  If you did not have a chance to respond to the survey, please feel free to email one of us, as we wish to hear from as many faculty as possible.
  3. Listening Session on Pathways and Challenges of Faculty of Color Toward Promotion to Full Professor. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion and SU ADVANCE partnered to host a listening session on June 8 to hear about the unique experiences of faculty of color who are associate professors moving toward promotion to full professor. Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion Natasha Martin and Associate Professor of Political Science Angelique Davis facilitated the dialogue session.