Jumbotron III


The Jumbotron content type creates a special formatted content block – including a large title, subtitle, text, links, and image – created with the purpose of facilitating navigation to subsections where users can find more specific information.

There are three variations of the "Jumbotron" content type:

  • Jumbotron [I] (previously known as "Jumbotron - Zone A")
    • Title, subtitle and one paragraph of text followed by up to nine links in arrow-buttons below with an optional full-width graphic at the bottom.
  • Jumbotron II (previously known as "Jumbotron for Programs - Zone A")
    • Title, subtitle and up to nine paragraphs with arrow links with an optional full-width graphic at the bottom.
  • Jumbotron III
    • This new content type somewhat combines the "dual column content" content type, and Jumbotron I content type, so that there is a large image in a column on the left of a Jumbotron in the right column - with title, subtitle, short paragraph and up to four links.

Available in zones:

  • Zone A


  • Available to all content editors

When to use it

It should be used on certain important home pages or landing pages, i.e. pages where users will most often be entering your site as this content type is especially helpful for outlining the content of your site and facilitating navigation to other pages for further information. 

How to use it

Navigate to the section where you wish to add the Jumbotron content item. Click over to the Content tab, then click "Create content" and then select the "Jumbotron" content type.

Screenshot of how to use the Jumbotron III content type - v9

Required fields

  • Name
  • Main Caption
  • Image
  • Image Alt Text
  • Image Height

Optional fields

  • Description
  • Link 1-4

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