Faculty and Staff

Photo of Cinda Johnson, EdD

Cinda Johnson, EdD

EdD, Special Education, University of Washington
MA, Curriculum and Instruction & Administration, Gonzaga University
BS, Special Education and Elementary Education, University of Idaho

Chair, Teaching, Learning and Social Justice Department (EDAD, ENES, TEED, SPED, SPSY)
Program Director, Special Education (SPED)
Associate Professor, Special Education (SPED)
Principal Investigator, Center for Change in Transition Services (CCTS)

Phone: (206) 296-5888

Building/Room: Loyola 310

Photo of Neria Sebastien, EdD

Neria Sebastien, EdD

EdD, Educational Leadership, Concordia University
MST, Special Education, Fordham University
BA, Childhood Education, Concentration in Science Education, Brooklyn College
AA, Childhood Education, Concentration in Special Education, Caribbean Union Teacher's College

Assistant Professor, Special Education (SPED)

Phone: (206) 296-5775

Building/Room: Loyola 311