College of Education
Special Education

Special Education (MEd, EdS)

  • Graduates of the Special Education program will become leaders in their field: well-prepared to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

    The majority of students with disabilities receive support and services in general education classrooms. Schools provide special education services on an individual basis while students are in school, and as they transition to the post-secondary environment. Special Education is a demanding profession but also highly gratifying. With a shortage of trained special education teachers, graduates of the Special Education Program will find their skills in high demand and job opportunities numerous.

    The program is primarily centered upon those students with learning (e.g., learning disabilities, speech/language disorders, and mental retardation) and/or behavioral difficulties (e.g., attention difficulties, conduct disorders, and autism) but also provides training in how to work with students with other disabilities as well (e.g., physical impairments, vision and hearing impairments, and multiple disabilities).