Alumni Focus - Dr. Julius Moss

Julius Moss     

What inspired you to pursue a doctorate at SU’s EDLR/EOLL program?       

I served under the leadership of Chancellor Jill Wakefield and two additional alumni of the EDLR program when I landed a position with Seattle Colleges both of whom vigorously promoted the program and continued to encourage me to consider applying. I had completed two graduate programs when I decided to apply to the SU EDLR/EOLL program which was the similar academic path that both of my supervisors at Seattle Colleges had taken. Shortly after beginning the EOLL program, one of my former supervisors and EDLR/EOLL program alum, Dr. Elizabeth Pluhta, had lost her battle with a chronic illness. She served as my inspiration for beginning the process; however, the three generations of educators which included my mother, my grandmother, her four sisters, and my great-grandmother inspired the journey to and my journey through the process. I stand on their shoulders and the shoulders of countless communities of educators that supported me throughout the journey.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is a situational experience where leaders adjust styles to accommodate the needs of the organization. Leadership accepts the responsibilities of leading others in a strategic direction, acknowledges the differences between those individuals as beneficial to organizational success and occurs in the presence of individuals who care about the success of the organization.

What is your current position and how are you applying the skills you’ve learned from the doctoral program?

Currently, I serve as the Program Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences Kinesiology Department where I support organizational change efforts specifically designed to increase student and alumni engagement, I encourage other faculty and staff through crucial conversations to create a more inclusive work environment, and I lead courageously through continuously improving my communication skills for achieving organizational success.