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Catholic Education Initiative


Graciously funded by the Snyder Foundation, the Center for Social Transformation and Leadership is working with the Office of Catholic Schools from the Archdiocese of Seattle to CS focus on how best to co-create opportunities for schoolteachers to strengthen Catholic mission and identity across the system focused on grade level religion standards. This project is developing year-long formation experiences for school leaders and teachers available to OCS schools in a virtual format.

The Mighty Multiplication Project


The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership is excited to partner with the National Math Foundation on the Mighty Multiplication Project.  The Mighty Multiplication Project is a research-focused, university partnership program in which we collaborate with national teacher ed programs to supply teacher alumni classrooms with kinesthetic learning materials to help students master their multiplication skills. These materials, which get students up out of their seats and physically active, are used to supplement student learning throughout the school’s multiplication units. Teachers gather student achievement data using pre and post assessments.


The Moving & Learning Project


The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership and Seattle University’s Kinesiology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences is excited to partner with the National Math Foundation on the Moving and Learning Project The Moving & Learning Classrooms Project is a nationwide initiative to provide powerhouse districts across the country with COVID-safe, kinesthetic learning materials to support classroom learning in fundamental math and literacy concepts.


Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Institution (PEARi) GIS  for Equity and Social Justice Project


GIS ( professionals are bound by the GIS Code of Ethics to consider the impact of their work on society. For hundreds of years mapping has sometimes been a tool for creating and preserving inequity. During the past 25 years there have been some uses of GIS for issues related to equity or social justice.  In support of the current ESJ PEARi is doing to engage BIPOC communities, the  Center for Social Transformation and Leadership will be collaborating on educational opportunities to create a data/mapping/application support framework both for their own work and to support the work on non-GIS professionals. Non-GIS professionals will become the largest community doing actual ESJ work with GIS. These non-GIS professionals include those who work for agencies, non-profits, and NGO’s with an ESJ mission, as well as government policy professionals who want to use GIS to support an ESJ lens for developing upstream agency policies.


SEED: Building Community Resilience and Empowerment with BIPOC Farmers


SEED offers educational activities, technology commercialization, business plan development, shared access to facilities and equipment, linkages and networking, financial services, mentorship to both start-ups and SMEs.  The SEED Program is a consortium led by the Community Foundation of Snohomish County (CFSC) and Seattle University.   SEED is taking the challenge of transforming community members from subsistence to industrialists in agribusiness by creating an applied research center housed in the Center for Social Transformation and Leadership. Grounded in a participatory approach, SEED will create an agricultural supply chain incubator to provide program support for entrepreneurial and small business growth, focusing on traditionally marginalized populations within a four-county region neighboring Seattle University. SEED supports participants at various personal and professional development stages and broadens their awareness of potential social enterprise and educational career opportunities, both in agricultural industry and academia. related to the unique access problems and food security needs by supporting their recruiting into the employer and workforce development programming (e.g., migrant/seasonal agricultural workers, residents of public housing, homeless persons, low-income household members, youth with disabilities, Black and Brown 4H participants). The goal is to eradicate poverty, increase household income ultimately address food and nutrition security in the state of Washington.

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The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership serves as a dynamic link between the social sector community at large and Seattle University


The Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE)

The mission is to provide high quality services in support of African-American/Black men and men of color in the Seattle, King County region. Fostering safe spaces to facilitate their upliftment to best understand themselves as viable world citizens.

The ACE Academy Black Educator Institute (BEI) exists to provide current and upcoming educators the proper tools and resources to effectively lead and support our Black Students to success.  The BEI  is dedicated to providing career advancement, support and resources to Black Educators in the state of Washington. We aim to increase the number of Black male educators in the state of Washington. Facilitating educational and social events, professional development workshops, mentorship opportunities, safe space, and will soon be offering courses with Seattle University for Black Educators to accelerate their careers. BEI members will improve their skill sets in curriculum development, classroom management, networking, mentoring, and family engagement. The goal of the Institute is to positively impact the lives of our teachers, so that they are able to better educate our Black youth.


Community Foundation of Snohomish County


Enhanced Interactions

Enhanced Interactions is seeding Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Outcomes. Through co-creation, our consulting firm provides successful approaches that are customizable to individuals, leaders, and organizations dedicated to Anti-Racism to increase their Pro-Equity effectiveness. Enhanced Interactions delivers beyond the WHAT – awareness and training, we provide successful approaches for the HOW – the ability to operationalize Anti-Racism individually, interpersonally, and organizationally. Individuals and Organizations need replicable operating systems that drive results. Individuals need knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) and Organizations need successful approaches and tools to advance Pro-Equity Anti-Racism work worldwide.


King County Department of Community and Human Services


King County Library System


Modest Family Solutions

King County partnering with community-based organizations to create a 40,000-square-foot food hub, better connecting local farmers to hunger relief organizations


National Math Foundation

The National Math Foundation is working to change how we think about K12 education; research shows that incorporating movement-based learning strategies into classroom activities increases engagement with subject matter and bolsters students’ retention of new concepts. Kinesthetic learning also taps into childrens’ natural inclination to play, which allows them to learn quickly, efficiently, and without fear. The National Math Foundation works with educators to implement kinesthetic-based lesson plans for math and reading; we supplement the cost of new teaching materials, train educators how to create more inclusive classrooms, and also provide schools with research and grant writing support.

The National Math Foundation’s mission is twofold…

  1. To foster exercise, healthy eating, and learning through movement as a means to develop a community of math literate members.
  2. To provide monetary and professional development support and serve as a centralized training and research hub for movement-focused learning institutions.

We aim to support learning institutions in the expansion of their teaching resources to include programming that promotes non-traditional learning. We promote movement-based learning that addresses obesity, math and reading illiteracy, and the foundational importance of multiplication. Our vision is to empower communities to work towards the goal of ensuring that all Americans, regardless of age, race, socio-economic class, and gender are competent and confident in their math ability and have sufficient skill to be able to use math effectively in their job.

When students understand the fundamental concepts underlying mathematics and can automatically recall their multiples, their self-confidence soars and the potential for a “fixed” mindset towards financial literacy and math in general diminishes as they grow older and face higher level concepts! Math teachers are currently witnessing a deep lack of fundamental knowledge from their students, particularly those who are socially and culturally marginalized. If these students are to become financially literate, we need to first make sure that they are mathematically literate!


Office of Catholic Schools - Archdiocese of Seattle

Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Institution (PEARi) mission is to eradicate racism and all systems of oppression. Pro-Equity Anti-Racism is a concept that purposefully begins with a Pro-Equity effort to end all systems of oppression, the upstream root cause of inequities, intentionally ensuring an Intersectionality approach leading through the lens of Anti-Racism. We stand on our core values of Love, Ubuntu, Each One Teach One, which are the foundation for how we do the work to create a world without Racism and other Systems of Oppression."

At PEARi, we provide educational resources and support to individuals, leaders, and organizations who are committed to driving Pro-Equity Anti-Racism outcomes. Our offerings include:

- Educational Courses: Comprehensive courses that foster deep understanding and actionable strategies.

- Programs: Engaging programs designed to inspire change and promote equity.

- PEARADIGM™ Framework – Build your organizational capacity to advance Pro-Equity Anti-Racism worldwide.

- Guides: to navigate the complexities of Pro-Equity Anti-Racism work.

- Tools: Resourceful tools that empower individuals and organizations to implement effective and lasting change.

Visit us at to explore our range of educational courses, programs, our PEARADIGM™ Framework, guides, and tools that drive Pro-Equity Anti-Racism.


Pierce College District


Workforce Snohomish