About the Center

The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership (CSTL) seeks to empower students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members with dynamic, transformative experiences through global connections and creative pursuits. 

Working with organizations and change-efforts locally, nationally and globally, CSTL aims to:

  • Enhance leadership preparation;
  • Catalyze substantial scholarship and research;
  • Foster healthy gains in community engagement; and
  • Expand our potential as leaders to build a sustainable, global community that contributes to the advancement of society.

The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership was founded in 2018. The center draws support from sponsored learning activities, grants, contracts and corporate sponsors, along with gifts from clients, advisory board members, faculty, alumni, mentors, and friends of the College of Education.

CSTL supports professional learning programs such as specialized courses of study and certificate offerings. Additionally, it provides technical assistance, engages in partnership-based initiatives and conducts research and inquiry to address complex social, educational and community challenges.

The center serves as a gateway for the campus and greater community members to engage in high quality, holistic learning, and leadership development.

The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership has adopted the PEARADIGM™ Framework to advance our organizational capacity to transform the world.