Faculty Hiring Guidebook

We are excited to announce that the new Faculty Search Guidebook – Hiring for Mission Integration and Inclusive Academic Excellence — is complete and can be accessed below. This Guidebook is the culmination of more than a year of collaborative work and draws upon high-impact practices for recruiting and retaining faculty with an eye toward welcoming excellent faculty who bring with them a range of intersectional backgrounds and experiences and an openness to our mission and values. The Guidebook reflects our shared institutional priorities: promoting inclusive excellence in a way that is anchored in and animated by our Jesuit, Catholic identity, in fulfillment of Reigniting Our Strategic Directions goals and principles.   

The Guidebook offers a step-by-step guide, taking you from the process of planning for new hires, to cultivating an inclusively excellent candidate pool, to making an offer to the chosen candidate. It was designed with efficiency in mind presented in a user-friendly and accessible format.  

The processes outlined in this Guidebook encourage enhanced partnership in realization of the strategic goals and priorities of each college and department. While adoption of new policies and procedures is seldom seamless, if implemented with intention, these practices can make the faculty hiring endeavor more intentional, structured, and inclusive. Should confusion arise with existing documentation or processes, the Faculty Search Guidebook replaces previously established procedures. Please reach out to us if you encounter questions.   

We will continue to evolve our institutional practices and culture to facilitate both our ability to innovate and adapt and to educate the next generation of students in our unique approach to Jesuit education. Implementing a systematic, structured process for equitable and mission-aligned search and hiring is not the end of the journey, but a crucial beginning. We look forward to taking the next steps together.  


Shane P. Martin, Provost  

Natasha Martin, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion 

Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Vice President for Mission Integration