LIFT SU: Our Action Plan

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Inclusive Excellence Action Plan for Racial Equity and Antiracism 

Listen and learn    Impact through intentional action   Fail forward    Transform together

LIFT SU was developed to enact and realize Goal 4 in Seattle University's Strategic Plan, Reigniting Strategic Directions: Promote Inclusive Excellence. 

The Office for Diversity and Direction created LIFT SU to take strategic action to address systemic racism and enhance equitable practices throughout Seattle University. The five priority areas of LIFT SU are:

  1. Recruitment and Retention of BIPOC Students  
  2. Bias Prevention and Campus Climate Care 
  3. Recruitment and Retention of BIPOC Faculty and Staff  
  4. Narrative Through Art and Symbols  
  5. Build Capacity and Invest in Infrastructure

Working groups were formed to facilitate the work on this action plan. Research on high-impact practices and extensive coordination and discussion, along with input from campus members, informed the recommendations of each working group.

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