Special and Rotating Retreats

Special and Rotating Retreats


Campus Ministry offers various special and rotating retreats in response to the particular needs and desires of our students. Some of our regular and past rotating and special retreat offerings include:

  • Catholic Student's Retreat 
  • Chapel Choir Retreat
  • Rooted: A Retreat for Students of Color
  • Senior Retreat
  • Revolutionary Love Retreat for Students of Color with Marginalized Genders

Embodying the Sacred A Retreat for Students with Marginalized Genders

As a rotating retreat, Campus Ministry offers a space for students who are non-binary or Two-Spirit, transgender and cisgender women, and transgender men to share stories, relax, reflect, and be held in community

Rooted: A Retreat for Students of Color

This retreat is a time for students who have been historically excluded by dominant systems due to their racial or ethnic identity to just be. We will travel off campus  to be in community with other students of Color, to have fun. reflect, and build potential lifelong connections. This year, Rooted will take place the weekend of January 26 - 28, 2024 at Dumas Bay Retreat Center. For more information and to register, visit the registration from here. Registration will open Nov. 20, 2023 and close Jan. 7, 2024. If you have more questions please reach out to the Campus Minister for Religious Diversity, Alex Booker (abooker@seattleu.edu) and he can assist you.