Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of Student Learning

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    Assessment of Student Learning

    Are we successfully carrying out the Seattle University educational mission? Seattle University faculty and staff, in dozens of undergraduate and graduate degree programs and over a dozen certificate programs, systematically assess student learning in order to answer this question. Staff in over a hundred support and service units carefully assess their area's effectiveness in order to learn how well they are contributing to the excellence of the educational mission. Our approach to education and assessment flows from our identity as a Jesuit institution. We are sustained by the legacy of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. This legacy underscores a Jesuit way of educating and assessing that emphasizes continual reflection, discernment and review.

  • Contacts

    Bob Duniway, Ph.D.
    Assistant Vice President
    University Planning

    Charles Lawrence, Ph.D.
    Associate Provost for Academic Achievement 

    Rosa Hughes
    Academic Administrative Specialist
    Office of the Provost

     Lauren Rochholz
    Administrative Coordinator
    Office of University Planning

  • Office of the Provost

    Associate Provost
    for Academic Achievement
    ADMN 104

    Seattle University
    901 12th Avenue
    P. O. Box 222000
    Seattle, WA 98122-1090