Colleen McIngalls, MPA


Adjunct Faculty

Building/Room: Casey 330

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Ms. McIngalls is currently employed as the Program Manager for the Protection Order Advocacy Program (POAP) housed within the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Colleen has worked in the field of crime victim advocacy since 2005. Prior to managing POAP, Ms. McIngalls worked as a domestic violence advocate responding to the first appearance calendar for the prosecutor’s office.

Before joining King County, Colleen served as the Director of Victim Services at Victim Support Services (VSS) a community-based victim advocacy organization serving general crime victims (all crime victims except for domestic violence and sexual assault). In addition to her work at King County, Ms. McIngalls has also been working as an adjunct instructor for the Masters in Criminal Justice department at Seattle University since 2016. Ms. McIngalls teaches two classes centered on the study of victimology entitled “Contemporary Issues in Victimology” and “Violence and Victimization”.

Ms. McIngalls completed her Master’s in Public Administration from Seattle University with a concentration in nonprofit management and governance. She holds a BA in Human Services from Western Washington University. Colleen is a native of the Puget Sound area, raised on the Eastside of Seattle. She enjoys all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer including camping, hiking, local eats and craft beer, as well as anything that involves our beautiful bodies of water.