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A Collaborative Approach to Criminal Justice

The Seattle University Criminal Justice, Criminology & Forensics department offers you a wide variety of undergraduate degrees so that you can carve the career path of your choice. An interdisciplinary social science, we span across both the arts and sciences to provide you a deep understanding of the many facets involved with the study of crime and societal responses. Your studies in conceptual and empirical knowledge fosters sophisticated thinking, reflection and action that helps you become a leader in the field.  Our curricula allow you the agency to drive your education as we provide you a strong academic foundation complemented with practical experience that prepares you for graduate study and a wide variety of careers within criminal justice.

No matter what aspect of criminal justice you decide to focus on, our low student-to-faculty ratio and many internship opportunities allow you to build a network of support both within the university and beyond. Through our internships, you can apply classroom learning to real-world situations so that, upon graduation, you can hit the ground running, taking on challenges and leadership roles effectively and successfully.

BA, Criminal Justice, Criminology & Forensics

A variety of specializations allow you to pursue the focus of your choice.

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BS, Criminal Justice, Criminology & Forensics

Blend the arts and sciences, with two specializations offered.

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Alumni Making an Impact

Our alumni carry the knowledge, critical thinking skills, values and ethical consciousness onto careers as responsible practitioners, managers, researchers and leaders in the criminal justice field. They continue within the Jesuit spirit of inquiry and innovation to drive the field forward and help create systems that respond to the needs of a complex society.

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Crime and Justice Research Center

Recognizing that crime and its prevention, response, and reparation are community concerns, we bring together researchers, academics, law enforcement personnel, judges, psychologists, sociologists, and others involved in the study of crime and the administration of justice. We also conduct public events, engage in service initiatives, and serve as a referral resource for individuals affected by crime.

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  • Ranked in top 5%

    Ranked in top 5%

    For Criminal Justice

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    Top 15% Highest Paid

    Criminal Justice Graduates

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