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Alana Honigman, MSW, LICSW

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MSW, Social Work, LICSW

Adjunct Instructor, Field Liaison

Phone: 206-296-2537

Building/Room: 330-01

Alana Honigman CV (PDF)

Alana Honigman received her MSW from Smith College in 2012. She has worked in community mental health since graduation and is now a licensed clinical social worker. Her clinical work has been with children, families, and adults, focusing on trauma, mind-body connection, and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. In recent years, she has turned her focus to supporting clinicians through supervision and program management. She is particularly interested in increasing sustainability in the social work field by community building and advocacy within systems.

Her current role is as Adult Mental Health Program Manager at Therapeutic Health Services, supporting a team of clinicians and supervisors at six locations in and around Seattle. She is passionate about mentoring social workers entering the field. She has worked with Seattle U interns since 2017, initially as practicum supervisor, and now in her role as field liaison and seminar instructor. She looks forward to sharing in the unique and dynamic learning process with her students.