BSW Student Handbook

Welcome Letter


Dear Social Work Student,

Welcome to the Social Work program at Seattle University! You are commencing on a path to join a
nationally recognized and respected profession, whose primary purpose is to advocate for social and
economic justice and improve the well-being of diverse people and the communities in which they live.
This Student Handbook will provide you with critical information about the Bachelor of Social Work
(BSW) degree including our mission, goals, graduating competencies and practice behaviors. In addition,
you can gain an understanding of the academic progression of the degree including the internal
application process. Within the section on Curriculum, degree requirements, course descriptions, and a
typical sequence of courses are provided. It is critical that you carefully follow this plan of study as our
curriculum is highly sequenced with prerequisites before entering the field. Also, valuable information is
described about academic and professional advising and university resources to support you through
the program. Quarterly contact with your advisors is highly recommended as it will maximize your
educational experience. Advisors can assist with course schedules, choosing electives, discussing career
or graduate school options, and connect you with university resources. Finally, your rights and
responsibilities and other policies are detailed, it is wise to be familiar with them.
As you prepare to enter the field, you will receive a Field Practicum Manual which will detail the specific
educational processes and polices for this component of your education. Between these two
documents, hopefully many of your questions will be answered. However, if other questions or issues
arise, please contact your advisor.

Again, welcome to the major and all that awaits you.


Amelia Seraphia Derr, MSW, PhD
Director, Bachelor of Social Work                                                                                                                                                                  Associate Professor
Social Work Department

2016 BSW Student Handbook


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