Jennifer Schulz, PhD

Photo of Jennifer Schulz

PhD, American Literature

Teaching Professor, English
Teaching Professor, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Associated Appointment, Psychology

Phone: 206-371-0197

Building/Room: Casey 430-10

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Dr. Jennifer Schulz is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies program at Seattle University. She holds a doctorate (PhD) in American literature and a masters (MA) in clinical psychology. She teaches a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses on literature, trauma, the body, well-being and catastrophe, integrative interdisciplinary research methods, and creative non-fiction writing. She is the director of the Seattle University-Pacific Northwest Ballet Educational Partnership which provides a college education to professional dancers. And she also directs the Consortium of Interdisciplinary Scholars at Seattle University. In addition to her teaching, as a licensed mental health counselor in private practice, she works with (mostly) women who have experienced complex/developmental trauma as well as with couples. Dr. Schulz has published articles on cultural infrastructure and the Harlem Renaissance, literature and evocation, trauma and witnessing, and incorporating creative writing practices in qualitative research methodology. She has also conducted and presented phenomenological psychological research on experiences such as despair, intimacy, and “at-homeness.”