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Honor Society

Alpha Iota Sigma is the international organization established to recognize outstanding academic achievement in the field of interdisciplinary studies. Induction into Alpha Iota Sigma is a prestigious distinction awarded only to the most outstanding students.

Our Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Program is the first and only Bachelor's degree on the West Coast to qualify for a chapter of the Alpha Iota Sigma honor society for its majors. Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies majors must meet the academic requirements of the honor society, together with endorsements by faculty members, to be selected to induction into this respected society.

Alpha Iota Sigma is part of the flagship organization for interdisciplinary scholarship, the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) founded 1979 (see AIS website). The mission of Alpha Iota Sigma is to recognize the academic scholarship and achievements of interdisciplinary students at the undergraduate level. Members have the opportunity to be acknowledged for their outstanding scholarly achievements, community engagement, and leadership in solving complex problems. For more information see the honor society site Alpha Iota Sigma.

Benefits. Membership enhances academic credentials through public recognition, including a certificate attesting to your induction, and graduation regalia such as honor cord, medal or pin. Honors students will have an opportunity to present at the annual AIS conference which hosts a panel of honor student work. You will also be able to connect with other honor students, forging a network from across the country. For example, Alpha Iota Sigma has a Facebook page to facilitate communication and promote member activities.

Requirements. To become an honor student you must have senior standing, maintain a cumulative 3.4 GPA in work toward the BA in IDLS, and complete, with a B+ or higher, the Methods of Interdisciplinary Research course (for graduating seniors, this course can be in progress at time of application). The IDLS Director must nominate you. The director will also be one of your two faculty recommenders. One more SU faculty member, from any department, must recommend you for this honor also. 

How to Apply. If you have been nominated for Alpha Iota Sigma membership by the director, please fill out the AIS Application Form sent along with nomination email, and obtain another faculty recommendations using this AIS Recommendation Form also sent with that nomination email. Return the application form to Dr. Sven Arvidson by email, who is chair of the selection committee. Fellow selection committee members are Dr. Phil Barclift and Dr. Jennifer Schulz (either can be recommenders for candidates, along with any SU faculty).

Should your application be approved, IDLS will pay the one-time induction fee of $30.00 ($20 membership fee plus $10 honors cord) required by the National Headquarters to officially induct your AIS membership (further instruction will be included in the application approval letter).


Set Your Sights High

Alpha Iota Sigma Honor Society

Our IDLS program is the first and only program on the West Coast to qualify for a chapter of the national honor society for interdisciplinary studies. Induction into Alpha Iota Sigma is a prestigious distinction awarded only to the most outstanding students.

What can I do with an Interdisciplinary
Liberal Studies Degree?

Chris Holway, YAHOO!; Emily Cohen, HARVARD Divinity School; Kacey Callen, 4th grade TEACHER; Bryan Dalton, WA State COUNSELOR; Sara Stockett, EFELLE MEDIA; Carlee Norquist, SEATTLE MARINERS.

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Declaring a Major in
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

It’s simple! Come to the Program (Casey 4th Floor) and complete a form declaring your major in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. You will be assigned a faculty advisor right away. And you will be encouraged to meet Dr. Sven Arvidson, Director.


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