Accepted Students
Accepted Undergraduate Students

Accepted Undergraduate Students

  • Congratulations!

    To complete your acceptance and enrollment to Seattle University, follow the steps below.

    1. Activate your SU Account
    2. Confirm your enrollment
    3. Apply for Financial Aid
    4. Housing  
    5. Preparing for your first quarter
    6. Finalize your acceptance
    7. Immunizations

    Need to change your major, address or entry term?

    Fill out the Update Form. Students requesting a change of major will have to meet requirements for entry into their new major. Students requesting a change of entry term will be fully reconsidered for admission for their updated quarter of entry.

    Gap Year Policy


    Accepted first-year students may request to postpone their enrollment from one fall quarter to the next fall quarter for meaningful work, service, and travel opportunities. For more details, please review our Gap Year Policy. After you have reviewed the policy, you may contact the admissions office to take your next steps. 

    Deciding not to attend 

    If you have decided not to enroll at Seattle University, please notify the Admissions Office in writing to close your file or fill out the online Admissions Decline Form.

    If you are already registered and do not plan to attend, contact New Student Registration for assistance with dropping classes. If you have scheduled classes, you will be held financially responsible for them unless you officially cancel your enrollment.

    We retain all records for two years. If you wish to reactivate your application for a subsequent quarter, contact the Admissions Office or submit the online Update Form. While we will require a statement addressing your recent activities. No additional application fee will be required.