Yangjung Lee, PhD

PhD, English
MA, English Language and Literature

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: Casey 510-12

Yangjung Lee is a scholar of the literature and culture of nineteenth-century Britain and its empire. Her interests include colonial and postcolonial theories, race, slavery and emancipation, and transatlantic literature. She has a PhD in English from UCLA, where she also received a graduate certificate in Writing Pedagogy. Her research focuses on Victorian narratives about the Caribbean to uncover the racial logic of post-emancipation British imperialism. Her work problematizes the triumphant narrative of emancipation as the pinnacle of success for British abolitionist politics by reading the absence of compensation for enslavers in Victorian fiction. Like her research, her teaching locates marginalized and absent perspectives to expand the range of representation in history and literary texts. Her experiences as a third culture individual have informed her awareness of diverse voices and cultures and have nurtured her commitment to sharing experiences across different communities to foster long-lasting connections.