Robin S. Reich, PhD

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PhD, Medieval Mediterranean History

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: 410-09

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Robin S. Reich is a historian of the medieval Mediterranean, using methods of material culture to explore the movement of scientific knowledge across languages, religions, and geographies. Her dissertation, Materials of Science in Norman Sicily: Translation, transmission, and trade in the central Mediterranean corridor, brought together her interests in translation, cross-cultural contact, science, and art to offer a new perspective on the many different ways information about science, particularly medicine, moved through Sicily in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Her next project will focus on female medical practitioners, how we can find them in sources meant to reflect male medical institutions, and how their integration of health and cosmetics is echoed in the modern Wellness movement in both methods and issues of class and gender.

Reich is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Medievalist Toolkit, a research collective that consults with public-facing professions to provide resources on the use of medieval cultures in extremist political discourse. She has also been known to appear in guest blog posts and on YouTube, and is excited to continue creating online resources alongside her students.

On the rare occasions when she is not writing history, Reich can be found engaging in all kinds of handicrafts, endlessly walking the city or the outdoors, and cooking.