Marwa Elkady

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PhD, History and Archaeology (the history and archaeology of Graeco-Roman Egypt)
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Adjunct Professor, History

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Marwa Elkady is an adjunct faculty at Seattle University, Department of History. Previously, she was a professor and chair of the Department of Tourist Guidance at Alexandria University in Egypt. She was also a Fulbright visiting scholar at the University of Denver during the academic year 2018/2019, where she conducted research about how to develop a master's program in Heritage and Museum Studies in Egypt. She was born and raised in Alexandria in Egypt, where she studied and started her academic career at Alexandria University. As she followed her studies, she completed her master's and Ph.D. degrees in the history and archaeology of Graeco-Roman Egypt at Alexandria University. She made it to fulfill her dream of being a professor of history at Alexandria University. Recently she moved with her small family to Washington State. There, she resumed her academic career as an adjunct faculty in the Department of History at Seattle University.

For more than 24 years, Dr. Elkady has taught courses on the history and civilization of Graeco-roman Egypt in addition to courses in cultural heritage and museum studies. Moreover, she has contributed several articles to peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Also, she published a book named “Words from life in Ancient Egypt” in 2016 by Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. The book teaches kids about Hieroglyphic signs along with different aspects of life in ancient Egyptian culture. She has recently published an open-access book chapter named “A Conceptual Framework for Conserving Architectural Heritage in Graeco-Roman Egypt: A Goals-and-Applications Approach”, where she talks about the concept of architectural heritage conservation in ancient civilizations, particularly in Graeco-Roman Egypt, where reconstructing religious temples was pursued as a political strategy by the rulers of the state. The chapter also compares architectural reconstruction as a means of preserving heritage in the past and present. She participated as a speaker at several international conferences. Her studies focus on the following areas:

  • Ancient History and Civilization of Graeco-Roman Egypt.
  • Ancient History & Civilization of the ancient Mediterranean world.
  • Archaeology & Antiquities of Graeco-Roman Egypt.
  • Ancient Egyptian & Graeco-Roman Mythologies.
  • Graeco-Roman Art.
  • The History and Archaeology of Byzantine Egypt.
  • Coptic Culture & Art.
  • Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies.