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Edwin Ntumfon Tangwa |

"When I got the SUSI, I had no idea my thinking, worldview, and research interests were about to undergo a revolution; and then for six weeks I was plunged into this amazing world of boundless possibilities, an enchanting, exhilarating (but more importantly, transforming) academic experience."

Edwin Ntumfon Tangwa | Cameroon | 2017
Sun Tharita Intanam |

"SUSI at Seattle University is a wonderful chapter of my life. I love the hard-core reading and discussion activities, site visiting, study tour, and non-academic things we did together. It is once in a lifetime and will definitely not be the last time we connect to each other."

Sun Tharita Intanam | Thailand | 2017
Hicham Mahdjoub-Araibi |

"The SUSI program is an invaluable opportunity for a hands-on experience of contemporary American literary texts from various genres and traditions; a cultural tour to better comprehend literary texts; and a nuanced readings of texts to better understand American culture. It is life-changing at more levels than one: personal, intellectual, and social."

Hicham Mahdjoub-Araibi | Algeria | 2017
Jo Li-Hsin Hsu |

"The SUSI program offers one surprise after another. Participating in the SUSI is the highlight of my life! It is such an unforgettable experience. I have met so many amazing people and made so many lifelong friends in the six weeks that it is so hard to say goodbye at the end of the program!"

Jo Li-Hsin Hsu | Taiwan | 2017
Anita-Neira-Tiemann |

This was a great journey of rediscovering American literature and art. The new voices we got to read and listen to will continue to inspire me for years.

Anita-Neira-Tiemann | Chile | 2018
Asma Dhouioui |

SUSI has been the landmark of my professional and academic career and also a good lesson in fostering mutual understanding and minding more and more about tolerance and human communication.

Asma Dhouioui | Tunisia | 2018
Kusi Toh |

SUSI was an amazing experience for me. The carefully designed program provided a multidimensional view of U.S. society … and will shape my classroom practices and curriculum development.

Kusi Toh | Cameroon | 2018
Tatiana de Freitas Massuno |

Never would I have imagined that a 6-week-program would be so transformative. Not only were we able to get acquainted with cutting-edge theories and really contemporary texts, but also to get to know 17 amazing scholars from all around the world.

Tatiana de Freitas Massuno | Brazil | 2018
Usa Padgate |

My six weeks at SUSI-SU is the most valuable professional experience I have ever had. The seminars, workshops, visits to museums and historical places, and discussions with colleagues from all over the world have broadened my horizon of American literature, art, culture, and life. I cannot wait to share what I have learned here with the academic community in Thailand.

Usa Padgate | Thailand | 2018