Ongoing Faculty Research

P.J. Alaimo, Ph.D.

The Alaimo research group is focused on the development of “green” synthetic methods for generating heterocycles of biological importance.

Katie Frato, Ph.D.

Dr. Frato’s research group is focused on the unique structure and reactivity of proteins with metals at their active site, particularly heme-containing enzymes.

Joseph Langenhan, Ph.D.

The Langenhan group is pursuing research at the chemistry/biology interface. They redesign biological molecules with the twin goals of understanding their functions and modulation their activities.

Doug Latch, Ph.D.

The Latch research group is broadly focused on the area of aquatic environmental chemistry.

Jennifer Loertscher, Ph.D.

Focused on research to understand and improve student learning in undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry.

Ryan McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Dr. McLaughlin’s research involves the spectroscopic and structural characterization of environmentally relevant compounds.

Kristen Skogerboe, Ph.D.

Dr. Skogerboe works on developing sensitive methods for the analysis of biologic molecules and promotes active learning in the chemistry curriculum.

Eric Watson, S.J., Ph.D.

Dr. Watson’s research interest concerns the preparation, characterization and reactivity study of original triple-layer bimetallic complexes.