RecycleMania 2018 Event Photos



It was a rainy day, but that did not stop students from donning raincoats and gloves to sort through a mountain of plastic bags. 


Mountain of plastic bags that are waiting to be sorted through.


Students then emptied the bags to begin sorting them.


Students empty a plastic bag to begin sorting it.


A quick glance inside the bags revealed a mix of trash, compost and recycling.


This photo shows a mix of compost, recycling and trash that needs to be sorted.


Students then created the "wall of shame" of items that should not be in the compost.


Luckily our volunteers took action and began to sort through the bags.


Students sort through trash to prevent recycling and compost from going to the landfill.


Out of the 323 pounds of trash collected that day, 247 pounds of recyclables and compostables were able to be diverted from the landfill.


The bags have been divided into trash, compost and recycling


Community Recycles Day


Facilities Services hosted the annual Community Recycles Day on March 21st.



Community members could recycle items such as styrofoam, electronics, printer cartridges, clothing, paint, large containers, and scrap wood or metal. 



3R Technology also helped to sponsor the event.



Many community members stopped by to drop off their old computers and printers.



One volunteer helps to separate light bulbs.