500 - Employee Development

501 - Performance Review

The University, believing feedback is important, provides assessment of employees through a performance review program. Generally, employees receive a review after three (3) months of employment. All employees receive an annual performance review. Performance reviews are signed by the supervisor and the employee and are forwarded to HR. Additional performance reviews may be conducted if a department head or supervisor notes that an employee's work performance level is unacceptable. The written review is forwarded to HR after the follow-up review discussion with the employee.

502 - Unsatisfactory Work Performance

Supervisors are responsible for the guidance, training, and development of employees under their direction. Supervisors should ensure that each employee knows and understands work performance expectations. When performance consistently fails to meet stipulated expectations, the supervisor is obligated to take action, and they should consult with HR about the situation.

503 - Special Reviews

Special performance reviews are conducted when appropriate. Examples of appropriate times are when an employee has moved from one department to another, when the employee is being considered for promotion, or when an employee needs to know of a material deficiency in performance.