Applied Problems of Practice Dissertation

Applied Problems of Practice Dissertation:

Single Chair, Problem-Solving Consultant Approach, Team Structure

These dissertations are articulated by field organizations and can become the topics for study. Students work in groups on these problems of practice in a collaborative endeavor that requires them to understand the problem as posed, analyze the issue from a number of perspectives, and respond with policy and practice in the organizational context.

The final product includes a research report, an executive summary for the partner organization, and a presentation. Each will include, the background, purpose and research objectives; a review of literature; a description of methods used to gather, analyze, and report data; and conclusions and recommendations.

Dissertation Chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter 3: Methodology
  • Chapter 4: Findings
  • Chapter 5: Conclusions and Implications
  • Chapter 6: Executive Summary for Partner Organization


 Not matter the form, all Thematic Dissertation in Leadership Practice will all contain the following elements:

  • The work includes a problem statement and framing of the approach, which establishes the rationale and significance of the work.
  • The current literature is used as a foundation for the work and approach at key points: framing the problem, synthesizing what is known about the problem, and informing the solutions and implications of the work.
  • The work is systematic and represents sufficient effort to serve as a capstone.
  • The product represents a contribution to leadership practice.
  • The product and process serve as an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to apply theory and research to solving or informing a leadership problems in a socially just world.
  • The work demonstrates the ability to present ideas and arguments and evidence in a logical, systematic, and coherent fashion in both written and oral formats.