2017 EcoChallenge


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2017 EcoChallenge Highlights

The 2017 EcoChallenge was a fun and informative success! In celebration of Earth Month this April, 94 students, staff, faculty, and alumni came together for three weeks to learn about how their everyday behaviors impact our environment and communities, and to act to improve their consumption habits.

  • This year's theme was Belongings and Belonging. Participants were challenged to reflect on their consumption and its connection to our communities, locally and globally.
  • New to this year was a Track challenge. Participants were asked to weekly track their consumption and (try to) make changes over the course of the 3-week EcoChallenge.
  • Also new was the Outdoor Photo contest: Participants could submit a photo they took while enjoying the outdoors. The winning photo is featured on the CEJS and OAR website for the month of May. The theme for May at CEJS is "Get Outside...Sustainably!"
  • Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, BonAppétit and Food with Spirit, we were able to make some wonderful gift bags for the EcoChallenge winners. The gift bags consisted of: a Central Co-op tote; a thank you card designed by a student from the Seattle World School, a neighborhood school for newcomers; a bar of Theo's fair trade and organic chocolate; a bottle of fair trade and organic RUNA Amazon guayusa tea, and a gift of choice: a Food with Spirit plant starter kit or a beautiful piece of Nicaraguan pottery from the SeattleU Campus store.
  • The LEARN, ACT & ADVOCATE, and SHARE Challenges this year fostered relationships between students, faculty, staff, alumni, on-campus organizations, and off-campus organizations. Some examples of activities: 

2017 EcoChallenge Winners

We want to give a special thanks and congratulations to the winners of this year's EcoChallenge. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication! Also, a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors BonAppétit and Food with Spirit for contributing some wonderful items for the gift bags of the EcoChallenge winners.

Week 1: Robyn Lazala
Week 2: Eric Elliot and Julia Atwood
Week 3: Heather Bergey, Diana DiMarco, and Zev Underwood
Winning Team: Callie Moothart, Jackie Saarenas, Angie Jenkins, Melissa Pico, Jessica Ross
Outdoor Photo Challenge winner: Angelica DeJesus, Paddleboarding on Lake Washington!

2017 EcoChallenge Details

  • Week 1 (April 10-16): Track your consumption for one week!
  • Week 2 & 3 (April 17-23 and April 24-30): Food and Water:
    • Learn: Learn about 1 new Food and Water issue. You could watch a short online video, read a news story, or attend an event.
    • Act and Advocate: Do 1 thing that is challenging, but attainable such as advocating for a campaign or volunteering for an organization.
    • Share: Share what you've been learning with others and... send us a picture if you can!
    • Track: Keep tracking that consumption! Note any changes?

Weekly Prizes!

25$ worth of gifts from local businesses and SU sponsors will be awarded each week to the highest scoring participants: There will be one winner in week 1, two winners in week 2, and three winners in week 3. The highest scoring team will receive one gift for each member at the end of the EcoChallenge.

How it Works

You will receive an "EcoChallenge" newsletter each Sunday containing a description of the week's theme, suggestions for completing the week’s challenges, and a link to the week’s scorecard. Fill out and submit your scorecard by 11:59 P.M. on Monday for the previous week's challenges. Winners will be announced with each week's email!


What did you like about EcoChallenge 2017?

Being exposed to new concepts - things that made me re-think my lifestyle

EcoChallenge Participant

Being complimented or affirmed on things I am already doing and learning about things I can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle

EcoChallenge Participant

I really enjoyed the online resources--they were quick and compact with information about my place in Seattle!

EcoChallenge Participant