2016 EcoChallenge

“This was the best Eco-Challenge yet…I found everything to be informative and worth my time!”

EcoChallenge Participant

“I benefited from the EcoChallenge simply because I learned so much. I had no idea about the extent of my phantom energy usage! Also, I thoroughly enjoyed talking with my fiance about all that I was learning”

EcoChallenge Participant

“Thanks for putting this EcoChallenge together! My mom enjoyed the emails, as well!”

EcoChallenge Participant



2016 EcoChallenge Highlights

The 2016 EcoChallenge was a great success! During April, Earth Month, 97 students, staff, faculty, and alumni came together to commit to 3 weeks of exploration and challenges related to how one’s actions impact the environment.

Some of the most noteworthy accomplishments specific to this year's challenge were:

  • A new theme for this year's week three... Social Sustainability. This theme manifested from Seattle University's Jesuit values.
  • Participants were provided with opportunities to connect with other local organizations and events- a social justice concert at Benaroya Hall; a local film production company, Longhouse Media, that focuses on indigenous rights; and SU's own Seattle Food Rescue.
  • New to this year, individuals were able to sign up not just in teams but also individually, and the challenge was extended to alumni, increasing the accessibility and reach of the EcoChallenge
  • And the participants had a blast!



2016 EcoChallenge Winners

We want to give a special thanks and congratulations to the winners of this year's EcoChallenge. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication!

  • Week 1: Aitana Sandoval
  • Week 2: Callie Moothart, Jackie Saarenas
  • Week 3: Rachel Brown, Kelly Besmer, Melissa Pico
  • Overall Winning Team: The Polliwogs – Matilda Schroeter, Gordon Miller, Kimberly Gawlik


Welcome to the 2016 EcoChallenge

Celebrate Earth Month and join us for SU's 3rd annual EcoChallenge (April 11–29)!

Want to have fun, care for the planet and our communities, and win some awesome prizes? Register yourself or sign up with a team of up to 3 for the 3-week EcoChallenge, April 11-29! The event is open to SU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

You will be challenged to make simple lifestyle changes, advocate for the issues that matter to you, and learn something new related to each week's theme:  

  • FOOD and WASTE (week 1)
  • ENERGY and BUILDINGS (week 2)

Fun & Inspirational 

Each week you can earn points in 4 challenge areas. Don't worry, we will provide lots of ideas for activities!

  • Act – Do 1 thing that is challenging, but attainable. 
  • Learn – Learn about 1 new issue. You could watch a short online video or attend an event. 
  • Advocate – Advocate for an environmental cause you care about. 
  • Share - Share what you learned with teammates, friends, and family!

The Prizes 

$25 gift cards from local businesses will be awarded each week to the highest scoring participant: there will be one winner in week one, two winners in week two, three winners in week three. At the completion of the 2016 EcoChallenge, the highest scoring team will receive one gift card for each team member.

The winner will get to choose their gift card from one of the following businesses:

  • Crossroads Trading Company
  • Plum Bistro
  • Mighty-O Donuts
  • Skillet Diner
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Central Co-op Grocery Store
  • Twice Sold Tales
  • ORCA card

How it Works 

You will receive a newsletter each Sunday containing a description of the week's theme, suggestions for completing the week’s 4 challenges, and a link to the week’s scorecard. Fill out and submit your scorecard by 11:59 P.M. on Monday for the previous week's challenges. Winners will be announced with each week's email!

The full instructions for the 2016 EcoChallenge can be found here.

Ready to sign up? Register yourself or your team here!