2014 Just Sustainability Conference




2014 Just Sustainability Conference

The Center's inaugural conference, Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons, was held on campus August 7-9, 2014. Over 200 attendees came from 25 states, 12 countries and 11 U.S. Jesuit universities." Attendees included faculty, staff and students, grassroots activists, and representatives from agencies such as the E.P.A.


Those attending our 2014 conference certainly presented research and projects as diverse as the following:

  • Gentrification and sustainability in Seattle's "riskscape"
  • Environmental education in prison
  • Eating as a Christian act of hope
  • Skateboarders reclaiming urban space in New Orleans
  • Environmental racism and sustainability
  • Imagining the hydrogen future of 2050

The best papers from our conference were published in a special issue of the journal Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. In addition to featuring Bill McKibben and Denis Hayes, plenary speakers included Sarah Augustine and David Korten. Vandana Shiva sent a prerecorded video message as well.

Building an International Jesuit Network

One of our goals was to build the network of those working on environmental justice and sustainability concerns at Jesuit institutions. So, we were particularly pleased to welcome colleagues from 11 US Jesuit universities.

Two faculty from international Jesuit universities attended as well: Dr. Yasmin Hadida from North Bengal St. Xavier’s University in India and Dr. Jorge Huete from our sister Jesuit university in Managua, the University of Central America.

Jesuit James Hug covered the conference and shared his reflections throughout. Find his writing here, including an “Open Letter to Pope Francis.”

Building a Local Network

CEJS seeks to expand and deepen our roots and relationships here in Seattle within the academic community as well as with local nonprofits and government agencies. So we were also pleased that organizations like the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Seattle Tilth, and the Environmental Protection Agency participated in the conference. 


The conference program includes session abstracts and speaker bios. View the program here: Program 2014 Conference

Conference reflections by Jesuit James Hug titled "A Letter to Pope Francis", "Dreaming the Possibilities Can Be Exciting and Fun", and "Jesuits and Broader Networks Discern A Call to Action". Learn more.

Sustainable Citizen is an online program by which students and adult learners gain a minimum competency in sustainability knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that will launch them forward as sustainable citizens.


Videos of the following conference sessions are now available:


 Friday, August 8  Saturday, August 9

 Opening Plenary: Phil Thompson's Introduction

Morning Plenary Panel: Climate Displacement and Relocate

 Opening Plenary: Bill McKibben

Lunch Presentation: Jorge Huete on the Nicaraguan Canal

 Opening Plenary: Denis Hayes

Closing Plenary: David Korten

 Opening Plenary: Sarah Augustine

Closing Plenary: Pedro Walpole

 Opening Plenary: Effenus Henderson

Vandana Shiva's Video Message

 Opening Plenary: Panel Discussion



We did not record the workshop sessions. However, three of the Friday sessions were (inadvertently) recorded by our media center. They are: 

Friday, Session 4: Campus and Student Sustainability Education Programs

Friday, Session 5: Arts, Innovation, and a Digital Commons

Friday, Session 9: Northwest Stories - Health, Development, and Environmental Education in Prisons