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IPP Seminars are “big picture” trainings that focus on the positive impact CTE and Special Education partnerships have on post-school outcomes for students with disabilities.

Third Thursday Conversations

IPP Third Thursdays are informal conversations to connect with others focused on inclusionary practices, provide technical assistance, and facilitate action plan development.

IPP Seminar 3: Designing the Change

April 22, 2021; 3-4:30 p.m. PT

Designing the Change is the culminating seminar of the 2020-21 CCTS Inclusionary Practices Project, focusing on increasing inclusionary practices in general education and partnerships between Special Education and Career Technical Education (CTE) classrooms.

Guided by a panel of professionals in the field, participants in this seminar will work through the Managing Complex Change process and design a plan to implement increased inclusionary practices. Teams of special education and CTE instructors are encouraged to attend together. Wherever you are on your inclusionary practices journey, we hope you will join us!

Participation in previous IPP seminars is not a requirement to attend. For your reference, presentation materials from Seminar 1: Catching the Vision, and Seminar 2: Voices from the Field, are available on the CCTS Inclusionary Practices Resources page.

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Planning for Next Steps

May 20, 2021; 3-4 p.m. PT

With this year ending and the beginning of next year in sight, what is your plan to increase inclusive efforts in your classroom, your school, your district?  How will you develop, or enhance a culture of inclusion? What structures need to be put into place? What skills need to be developed? Is there a practice you want to implement? Join us for an informal conversation to share your strategies and learn from the best practices of other educators.

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