Are you a recent graduate with a non-business undergraduate degree and/or limited work experience looking to expand your career prospects? Thinking of investing in a business education to boost your employability or to better weather any economic downturn?

The Albers’ Bridge MBA is a one-year, full-time, campus-based program that not only provides you the strong academic foundation of an Albers MBA, but also the hands-on experience you'll need to succeed in a variety of careers.

Our Bridge MBA graduates have successfully combined the knowledge gained from their undergraduate degrees with the solid business skills they learned in this program. Employers value the well-rounded experience and insights these graduates bring to the table, making them optimal candidates for future leadership positions.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are well versed in the creative side of a business also appreciate the program for teaching them how to successfully run it. 

With Albers' Bridge MBA, you gain the business acumen that will fast-track your career journey and provide you with an important foundation of knowledge to serve you for a lifetime. See the makeup of our current class of students, the learning objectives for the program, and where our Bridge MBA students have gone to work after graduation on the class profile page.

Bridge MBA Class Profile

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I chose the Bridge MBA because as an undergraduate alumni of Seattle University, I wanted to continue learning in an atmosphere surrounded by leaders who employ the Seattle University mission statement: “[leaders]…dedicated to educating the whole person, to professional formation…for a just and humane world". This program was a perfect business fit to complement my undergraduate background in hard sciences!

Emily Barr, Bridge MBA '17


The Bridge MBA program at Albers is focused on the endgame, which is for students to attain that first job . Some students have a position secured before graduation; others take longer to find the perfect fit. Albers is dedicated to providing each Bridge MBA alum with the skills necessary to launch a successful career after graduation. Learning Outcomes

Each student defines his/her own path to success. Here's how some Bridge MBA graduates started:

  • Project Manager, Swedish Hospital
  • Customer Success Analyst, eShares, Inc.
  • Communications Specialist, HR Services, Amazon
  • Data Analyst, Microsoft
  • Market Associate, Expedia
  • Marketing & PR Specialist, Marler Clark Law Firm
  • Store Development & Design Support, Starbucks
  • Accounting & HR Associate, Seattle Storm