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I feel equipped to converse with professionals about real-world problems in an informed and compassionate way and to converse about complex global problems with the communities around me.

Olivia Gaughran | 2021

Once I was in the major, I found that the core classes are some of the most rigorous on campus and give IDLS majors the tools to succeed in every discipline or any career they may choose.

Flora Tempel | 2018

With IDLS, my disparate interests came together in a meaningful way. Now, I’m confident I can use my skills to pursue a career.

Martin Mendiola | 2018

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night thinking about my classmates’ methods projects and had to get up and write down my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget. I’ve never felt so included and cared for in school before joining IDLS.

Elizabeth Larimer | 2019

I chose to pursue an IDLS degree because I was looking to make my education more well-rounded and teach me skills that I can use no matter what future career I decide on.

Katherine Anderson | 2021

It just might be the most practical degree out there because of how versatile, flexible and creative of a thinker IDLS requires you to become.

Maddie Silverman | 2020

The beauty of IDLS is that it does not limit you creatively, and gives you clear avenues for integrating concepts and theories that other majors simply cannot.

Matthew Morse | 2018

I entered SU as a premajor with the hope that by taking a bunch of different classes I would find the one that stuck. Discovering IDLS has given me the opportunity to bring all of my different passions together and think more critically about big issues that matter to me.

Sarah Gregoire | 2019

The program is structured so that you can explore your interests, no matter how diverse, and it gives you space to find interests you didn't even know you have.

Thara Salim | 2021

I would like incoming freshmen to know that this program offers an incredibly unique opportunity for college undergraduates to explore many fields of study, make connections across disciplines, and dive into topics and issues that are prevalent in our society

Caroline Carr | 2021

In my first class at SU, we read “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough, I was drawn to the idea of helping children with trauma. The IDLS degree was perfect for me to pursue a career in education as well as explore psychology classes.

Kaleononi Nakakura | 2020