Rich Nafziger, MA

MA, Economics

Instructor, Institute of Public Service

Phone: 206-296-6967

Building/Room: Casey 210-10

Rich is a member of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (a volunteer position) and is working on affordable housing policy. He is working with Next Step Careers on creating opportunities for unemployed, low-wage, or dislocated worker to get effect education and training for the jobs of the future.

Richard Nafziger worked as an economist in public policy for nearly 35 years. His public service positions include the Chief of Staff for the Washington State Senate Democrats, Chief Clerk of the Washington House of Representatives, policy advisor to Governors Gardner and Locke, Director of Workforce Training for the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and Chair of the State Workforce Training Education and Coordination Board.

He has also served as Research Director for the Service Employees International Union and Americans for Indian Opportunity in Washington D.C. He was Senior Associate with Tanzer Economics in New York City, working on international petroleum and minerals issues. Rich was elected twice to the Olympia School Board and served as board chair.