Submission Information

Types of Submissions

Scholarly papers should engage contemporary literary criticism as they grapple with a work of literature, an author, or a literary problem. Analytical and interpretive papers should be carefully argued, as comprehensive as possible in their treatment of a text or texts, and aware of the influence on their views of the contemporary cultural context. The conference is particularly interested in encouraging students to investigate how the mix of contemporary literary criticism and contemporary student readers can provide insights into potentially age-old questions surrounding literary works.

While the primary emphasis of NUCL is on critical writing, we also invite student poets, fiction writers, and essayists to submit one essay, or a suite of 5 to 7 poems. Those chosen will read their work in a few sessions reserved for original poetry and essays. Submitted student poetry and essays should reflect reading experience in contemporary poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

  • Argumentative Scholarly papers on American, British, or World Literature
  • Analytical/ interpretive papers that present a well-supported argument aware of the influence on it of the contemporary cultural context
  • Original poems
  • Original personal essays
  • Original fiction

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Open to undergraduate students and advanced high school students
  • Submission must be an original work
  • Presentation of submission cannot exceed 18 minutes when read aloud. We will not accept papers longer than 10 pages in length
  • Student poets should submit 5 to 7 poems
  • Student fiction writers and essayists should submit only one story or essay of not more than 10 pages (length limited to what can be read in 15 minutes).

How to Submit

Complete the NUCL Submission form here