Nicole Berry   



in deep is an experiment with biomorphic forms and their relation to the emotional human experience. Influenced by microscopic biology, deep-sea creatures, and spirituality, these abstractions ask the questions: If we don’t recognize it, can we understand it? Can we know something by how it makes us feel? These manipulated images transform single subjects to create a visual field. This allows the viewer to immerse themselves into their emotional consciousness and the new ways of knowing that are brought forward by the abstract natural form.  


Nicole Berry is a fine art digital and analog film photographer based in the Seattle and San Francisco areas. Her digital work focuses on the creation of visual landscapes that confront our ideas of reality. Berry’s projects in deep and Sculpted experiment with abstractions of the familiar in order to question how we understand our world and our feelings towards the unknown. Her black and white analog film projects Summer Feeling and Grief are an intimate look into her life growing up surrounded by her tight-knit family. Her work harnesses feelings of intimacy, nostalgia, and the unknown. Berry is currently a senior at Seattle University pursuing a double degree in Photography and Arts Leadership. She hopes to pursue a career in arts policy and lobbying for arts funding at the state and federal level.  



 A Photograph by Seattle University BFA Student

in deep
Nicole Berry, 2020