Alden Huschle

Class of 2020

 Alden is a multi-faceted artist whose primary interests revolve around music, light, and the relationship they share. Music has been a central focus of his life from a young age and has made itself a staple within his creative process. As of late,Aldenhas been fascinated by the relationship between ambient music and colorful lights, particularly in the way that disorienting light can offer a drastically different listening experience than traditional settings do. 

 For his piece in this show,Alden aims to lend a perspective on what it means to listen and visualize simultaneously but to be entirely lost in both realms. We all know what it's like to listen to a familiar song in a familiar place, but what about an entirely new piece of music in a "place" that cannot possibly be likened to everyday life? When the visual intake is comprised solely of colors and shapes rather than recognizable aspects of life, the brain responds differently to what it is hearing. This is when the beauty of music flourishes and that is precisely whatAlden seeks to encapsulate with his artistic contribution. 

See more of Alden's work here.

Photo of artwork by SU student Alden Huschle installed in the Vachon Gallery

Untitled, Mixed media, 2020